705 Fences

Fence Contractor in Barrie, Ontario


Make your neighbours jealous with our residential fences.


Get your farm fenced to ensure all your animals stay on your property.


Keep intruders out and protect your business.

Chain LInk

custom built fences

705 Fences is the best fence contractor in Barrie, we create perfect fence solutions for your property. We will work with the city or builders to make sure your fence up to code and as close as possible to your property line.

Upgrade your fence with Solar Lights, Larger Posts, Cedar Boards, or with Decorative Top Beam.

All our gates are custom fitted and created with a cedar frame to ensure your gates is as light as possible to avoid sagging and heavy lifting. Upgrade your gate with an insert, double sided opening, or a lock.

Automated GATES

Complete your fence with a fully automated gate. Control your gate with a phone call or text or a keypad. All types of electronic gates and doors are available.

fence repair

Are your old fences falling or have they already fallen? We can take care of that.

Dig Request?

There can be critical infrastructure buried right beside your fence! A dig request will ensure everyone in the community is safe.

In this case it's a gas line!